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Vaccine Confidence Fund (VCF)

Global Impact*, on behalf of Advancing Health Online (AHO), is excited to launch a second Request for Proposals (RFP) for global research focusing on harnessing the power of social media to increase vaccination confidence and uptake with an emphasis on enhancing routine immunization and educating health care workers on addressing vaccine hesitancy.

The VACCINE CONFIDENCE FUND is managed by Global Impact and financially supported by Meta Platforms Inc. (“Meta”) and Merck & Co. Inc., Rahway NJ, USA (known as MSD outside the United States and Canada) (“MSD”). Meta and MSD will not participate in any of the selection or management of grant recipients.

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About Global Impact

* Global Impact works on charitable ventures to inspire greater giving and serves as a trusted advisory, intermediary and implementing partner across the private, nonprofit and public sectors. Through these partnerships, Global Impact has raised nearly $2 billion for causes such as disaster relief and global development. Global Impact’s reach and services are complemented by the work of its subsidiary company, Geneva Global.

The COVID-19 pandemic

has caused global devastation with the deaths of over 6 million people, disrupting economic and social prosperity with a disproportionate impact on historically excluded or marginalized communities globally. It has also significantly changed our daily lives in all aspects – from the way we live, work, and engage with key public information, including through the use of social media and online platforms. COVID-19 vaccines will play a critical role in returning our societies to some sense of pre-COVID normalcy and ultimately ending this pandemic. As vaccines become increasingly available in all countries, the public health priority will shift from addressing concerns around vaccine access and supply to better understanding the dynamics of vaccine demand, hesitancy, and confidence.  

With more and more communities relying on social media as a significant source of information related to COVID-19 vaccines and the scale of these digital and online platforms, it is vital that we better understand the role these platforms can play and effectively harness their capabilities to increase vaccination confidence and contribute to vaccine decision-making. This Fund is focused on supporting research on ways to more effectively increase vaccination confidence, particularly among historically marginalized or excluded communities globally.    

More info about AHO

Advancing Health Online is comprised of members from the technology, health, global development, and academic sectors that have joined forces to advance public understanding of how social media can best be utilized to better understand and increase the health and resiliency of communities around the world. AHO is excited to launch a second request for proposals (RFP) for research supported by the Vaccine Confidence Fund (“the Fund”).

Harnessing social media to increase vaccination confidence and uptake