The Vaccine Confidence Fund

The Vaccine Confidence Fund will be issuing an open RFP on June 10, 2021.

Applications are now closed

The Fund is seeking proposals that address this primary research question:

How can social media be best utilized to better understand and increase vaccination confidence and uptake?

We highly encourage applicants – especially from interdisciplinary teams and cross-sectoral partnerships – to develop truly transformative proposals that address critical research gaps with creative solutions. We also invite applicants to develop their own ideas that align with the Fund’s primary research question and principles.

Understanding how social media1 can contribute to vaccine uptake is this Fund’s north star. Recognizing the complexity of this challenge, and that vaccination confidence is the pathway to vaccine uptake, this Fund is interested in pursuing new and transformative approaches to addressing the immediate challenges of increasing vaccination confidence and uptake for COVID-19 as well as routine immunizations. As such, this Fund is intentionally less specific about prescribing research questions or methodological agendas. We instead want to encourage exciting and innovative approaches that meet the stated criteria. We also are interested in supporting proposals that focus on historically marginalized or excluded communities globally. 

[1] The Fund’s definition of social media is meant to be broad and inclusive. Our social media definition includes: traditional social media, (e.g., Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, TikTok, SnapChat); search engines (e.g., Google, Bing, etc.) and other online platforms that gather user data and micro-target users; and online chatbots. This Fund recognizes that social network data analyses and other big data analytical techniques may also be leveraged as analytical methods in prospective research proposals.

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This Fund is interested in proposals which can articulate findings that have either immediate or potential impact on the way we understand vaccination confidence or uptake in communities. However, this Fund is also acutely aware of the ambitious timeline and appreciates that critical data (e.g., data from vaccination centers/health clinics) needed particularly for assessing impact likely will not be publically available during the actual research implementation. As such, where impact data may not be available, this Fund is open to other ways of capturing interim results or measurements (e.g., self-reported data) and particularly welcomes new ideas on how to tackle this issue.

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